Strike The Right Mind Body Balance At PIYAS

Strike The Right Mind Body Balance At PIYAS

The Human Body is a wonderful machine balancing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects in perfect harmony. If there is any disharmony of these aspects, the body has an inbuilt innate capacity to heal itself. The body has the natural intelligence to convey imbalances through bodily sensations, that we often take for granted. When we tend to ignore the early messages, it will step up to cause more discomfort leading to dis-eases and illness. Striking a balance and having a holistic thinking about the human body is perhaps the best approach for good health.

The primary goal of Naturopathy and healing techniques is to create harmony by helping the body in its natural flow without any interruption. We believe the human body is composed of and in need of the five elements of nature aka Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space (panchamahabhutas).

These five element are the foundation of Naturopathy and Holistic Health care playing a vital role. Let us see how

1) Earth: Mud is an essential element of earth and it contains important minerals that bring positive & miraculous effects on human health. Mud therapy is well known for its healing powers and helps the body to cool and relax faster. It is also a excellent detox medium.

2) Water: The human body is comprised of more than 70% water. Water denotes fluidity and balance, and it works in tandem with the other elements. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with emotional well being has become a luxury nowadays and taking up Hydrotherapy  which is the use of water for restoring, maintaining, and regulating health.

The five element are the foundation of Naturopathy and Holistic Health care playing a vital role

3) Fire: Fire is the element which is the most intense, also representing power. When there is an imbalance in the human body, the power manifests differently leading to many lifestyle problems. Balancing out the fire is the key for good health in the long run. Also it can help burn out unwanted elements or things in the body.

4) Air: Air is perhaps the most powerful to cleanse the mind & body of toxins. Circulating the air through the body automatically purifies us. Pranayama and Breathing techniques are simple, acting as a very effective tool for relaxation. It will increase overall physical and mental health.

5) Space: Meditation will help us to relax and take us into that zone where we get clarity to manage and to handle stressful situations with ease. Fasting which is considered as fastest therapy is also an manifestation of the same element.

These five elements govern everything in the universe, including our health. Balance can be achieved by interacting with these five elements which complement each other. When there is an imbalance it leads to many lifestyle disorders. Make sure you treat yourself to some much needed rest and recuperation with a Holistic Package at PIYAS, which involves a combination of natural therapies and dietary changes that you can make, bringing in a better lifestyle.

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