Are You Stress Eating?

Are You Stress Eating?

Most of us turn to food as an excuse not because we are physically hungry but because something inside is triggering us to eat. We are conditioned in a way that food is one thing that soothes our mood and that we end up eating something loaded with extra sugar or salt and spice when we are upset. 

The feeling does not stop. After eating, we end up feeling even worse. Not only does the original emotional issue remain, but we also feel guilty about reacting rather than acting. We are still using food to soothe our minds and we fail to realize what has actually gone wrong when we licked the whole tub of ice cream clean. The Result: A whole tub of calories coupled with way too more calories than we actually need and we getting madder at our self for letting it happen. Thus begins a vicious cycle of stuffing our feelings with food and not dealing with them properly leading to weight gain, self-recrimination and the cycle begins all over again. 

Ouch, how frustrating that can be.

Time to step into reality.

When you begin to practise mindful eating, you can change all of those emotional eating habits that you have sabotaged in your diet in the past, and regain control over both food and your feelings. Here are some healthy alternatives you can follow

1) Talk it out: You may feel out of the blue and it may be something which has shaken you inside out. You will feel much better when you get it off your chest by calling up your buddy who likes to be active and who can support you and share your feeling.

2) Take a Stress Management program: Our daily life is riddled with too many schedules that we find no time to do the things that calm our mind and body. When you take up PIYAS De-Stress program, you do not only learn how to deal with stress but also how to live a stress free life rejuvenating your mind and soul and come out as your true self.

3) Proper exercise and meditation: Research has shown over and again, that exercise and meditation go hand in hand over battling the blues away from the body and set the heart thumping. Taking a ten to thirty-minute break from your schedule can boost up feel-good chemicals in your brain and make you stress-free.

4) Healthy food alternatives: Everyone loves to binge! There are range of options to choose that is sure to satisfy your mid-day or late-night cravings and also your taste buds. You can opt for healthier alternatives like yogurt, dark chocolates, nuts, dates and such.

5) Listen to music or read a book or do gardening: Reading a good book can elevate your mood and can be a great stress buster likewise music too especially soothing soulful melodies. Spending time with plants like taking a walk in a park or forest or doing gardening works wonders.

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