Introduction to Holistic Health

Introduction to Holistic Health

Need for alternative therapy and why modern medicine has failed to provide answers.

‘Health’ comes from a Greek word ‘Holy’ which means complete, whole comprehensive etc. It implies that good health can be maintained only when holistic approach is followed in our living style.

According to WHO – Health is defined as “A state of complete physical, mental, social well being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity”. If this is so, we would hardly find a healthy person. According to our ancient scriptures, one who is within himself completely, wholly, physically, mentally, socially, has a healthy mind and body.

“Your doctor is the second most important person taking care of your health. You are the first.”         

Harvard Medical School Health letter

Our ancient scriptures include complete definitions of Health and Nature Cure. We know Nature as whole in every aspect of health and treatment. But in modern times, we find medicinal treatment as a divided treatment. For example – we have pain in the leg; modern science treats that particular area only, even though it is connected to the body in whole. Nature cure does not do this thing.  It treats the body as a whole.

Blog: Holistic health leads towards seeking eternal health and bliss
Man is always in eternal search for perfect health and bliss

Man has been able to achieve all material riches yet he is not happy. In spite of so much progress in medical science, man has not been able to attain the perfect health or eternal bliss, he is craving for. Nature has given ways to attain the real Health and it is through Nisargopchar.

Knowledge is for enlightenment. Generally, we use it for attaining material riches in life. For this, we strive in every way. But have we ever striven for health so much? Did we really work out for our health in any way? The answer is very obvious – ‘No’ and that is the reason, everyone is suffering in one or the other form. No doubt, body is a biological and mechanical system and ups and downs go on with it, have we ever tried to know the reason for these changes.

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