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We conduct hour-long Yoga classes at the center.​

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We treat diseases like Obesity, Asthma, Sinusitis, Depression, Cancer, Renal failure…

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Allied Services

Relieve pain, calm stress and normalize body functions with an array of therapies.

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For an accurate diagnosis we have state of the art in house diagnostic facilities.

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Diet and Nutrition

Customized Diet & Nutrition counseling is devised for maximum benefit.

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Counseling is used as an adjunct therapeutic tool with surprising results at the center.

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Wellness Programs

Our wellness program are tailor-made and designed in consultation with the person/s concerned.

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Weight Reduction Programs

We follow an individualised weight loss program after completely understanding the person’s needs.

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Training Programs

We offer training programs and sessions to mothers and professionals.

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Therapeutic Programs

We provide the best treatment options for the people who are in need of it through unique therapeutic programs.

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