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PIYAS – a centre which has the uniqueness in making person independent in all his / her health aspects. PIYAS is a centre which has blended the ancient wisdom with modern science to provide the best treatment for the people who are in need of it through its unique programs which are totally free of any side effects. The centre believes in providing long lasting, side effects-free and holistic through its various kinds of health disciplines like yoga, nature cure, meditation, ayurveda, physiotherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, diet counseling, de-addiction & de-stress programs.


PIYAS – Prajna Institute of Yoga & Allied Sciences aims at bringing about Human Excellence at Personal, Professional, Social and Spiritual levels.


PIYAS – Prajna Institute of Yoga & Allied Sciences envisions a healthy society free from disease, stress, professional and family problems.


Achieving Health, Harmony and Happiness; Stress and Chronic disease Management; Professional, Family and other problems.

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PIYAS – Prajna Institute of Yoga & Allied Sciences.

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PIYAS – Prajna Institute of Yoga & Allied Sciences.

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The Team

Dr.Neetu Jain, PhD

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Founder member of PIYAS – Prajna Institute of Yoga & Allied Sciences, a private holistic health centre in Bangalore, India. PIYAS conducts ‘UTSAV’ courses, for awakening of ‘inner potential’ and experiencing ‘xperiencing ‘joy of conscious living.’ Dr. Neetu Jain can be seen conducting regular Yoga and Naturopathy training and disease management classes at PIYAS and also at various places in India and abroad Actively involved in various academic activities including some ongoing research programs in the field of Naturopathy & Yoga.


Dr.MahendraBalar, MD

Co-Founder, Medical Director

Founder member and Scientific Director of PIYAS – Prajna Institute of Yoga & Allied Sciences, a private holistic health centre in Bangalore, India. PIYAS conducts ‘UTSAV’ courses, for awakening of ‘inner potential’ and experiencing ‘xperiencing ‘joy of conscious living.’ Dr. Mahendra Balar, M.D, Working for the last Fifteen years as a Consultant Pathologist and Haematologist in Bangalore. Also runs diagnostic centers of his own Actively involved in promotion and research activities in the field of Yoga, Naturopathy and Stress management.

Our Team

Holistic approach to health

The human body needs to be rejuvenated from time to time. Repetitive and routine work takes its toll on your body. Perennial ailments such as aches, fatigue, etc., are incorrectly accepted as part of the misery of daily life. It need not be this way and it’s time to experience constant fitness and lightness of the body.
The fundamental principle underlying Holistic Treatment is that the natural defense and immune system of an individual when strengthened, has the potential to heal and prevent diseases. This approach nevertheless combines the pick of the past, interlaced with the best of the present and prepares you for the future, giving you a comprehensive insight into the hitherto unknown areas of your system.

The real source of energy is more powerful than the mind or body. The inner self needs to be at peace, contented and in a state of radiant health. Move into the realm of personal transformation – synchronize your mind, body and spirit and tap your inner strengths. At PIYAS we help you to restore harmony, soothe your mind, uplift your spirit and enhance your feeling of well-being.
Our entire focus is person-oriented rather than system-oriented. Our emphasis is on the Prevention of Illness, Early Intervention and Health Promotion. The individual treatment programmes are designed after the detailed holistic health evaluations are made.
PIYAS begins with efforts towards Holistic Health – Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual – then moves on to discovery of eternal peace within, dissolving all sufferings, problems, diseases, etc., and pours down peace, love, bliss, health, harmony and happiness into every sphere of activity for constant growth, development, and conscious evolution and transformation.

Our Medical Programmes


This will help effectively control your condition by following Heart disease reversal diets, relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage, naturopathic treatments and lifestyle changes.


With a balanced management of diet, packs, yoga, naturopathic treatments, lifestyle changes and herbal medicine, we help you maintain optimal sugar levels.


You can enjoy a fuller and more active lifestyle through yoga, nutrition, therapeutic massage, naturopathic treatments and acupuncture, which helps reduce both the physical and emotional pain.


Self-management techniques to improve your immunity and also lung capacity with proper counseling on yogic kriyas, breathing exercises, pranayama, diet, acupuncture, home based and naturopathic treatments.


Improvement in complexion and reduction in pigmentation, acne and dandruff are achieved by appropriate natural packs, herbal massage, hydrotherapy, dietary advice and other natural treatments.


Be it smoking, drugs or alcohol, we support determined individuals with the aid of counseling, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, herbal and naturopathic treatments.

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Yoga is a science and art of living. The science of living aims at systematic approach towards life, mind and body for self-perfection. Yoga is an eternal tradition of India discovered with much contemplation, understanding, experiment and experience of day-to-day life

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Nature Cure

The word naturopathy is a Latin-Greek hybrid, which can be defined as ‘being close to or benefiting from nature. Natural Hygiene / Nature Cure is a branch of the science of living which deals with care of the organism in a state of Dis-ease.

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